Biofilm Removal

What is Biofilm?

In nature, microorganisms exist primarily by attaching to and growing upon living and inanimate surfaces. These surfaces may take many forms, including those found in soil and water systems. The common feature of this attached growth state is that the cells develop a biofilm. Biofilm formation is a process whereby microorganisms irreversibly attach to and grow on a surface and produce extracellular polymers that facilitate attachment and matrix formation, resulting in an alteration in the phenotype of the organisms with respect to growth rate and gene transcription.

Biofilms have great significance for animal health and many bloodstream infections and urinary tract infections are associated with indwelling therefore, (in most cases) biofilm associated. The most effective strategy for treating these infections may be removal of the biofilm within infrastructures or contaminated devices.

There are several solutions to remove biofilm from your existing / potential new water infrastructures. The most important factor in maintaining water quality is ensuring a clean infrastructure with no biofilm. No biofilm, and with appropriate sanitising, no bacteria! There is no single solution for this, so let FarmWater advise.

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