How We Work

Planned Maintenance

Regional FarmWater trained engineers will visit installations to carry out planned preventative maintenance and verify the correct operation of your dosing systems. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure the reliable operation of your dosing systems.

FarmWater “chloriDOSiOX” full Service

FarmWater’s service option combines expertise in veterinary, livestock management, water microbiology and on-site  monitoring to create a complete package that will allow you to comply with your requirements under various government regulations, supplier audits and get the best out of your water treatment system for your business.

  1. Breakdown callouts and service with parts included unless unwarranted physical damage.
  2. Technical backup, Microbiological analysis, sampling and residual verification.
  3. Product integration (storage tank management header tank maintenance etc).
  4. Access to all FarmWater systems and developments encompassing new technology.
  5. Full compliance with current welfare and EU biocide directives.

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