St David’s Poultry Team

Based in Devon St David’s Poultry Team has grown to be one of the largest poultry practices in the UK and Ireland, caring for the majority of broiler birds, as well as a large proportion of the UK layer industry.

With independence, integrity and innovation at the core of the business, St David’s is leading the way with the reduction of antibiotic use across the poultry sector, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing innovative ideas and husbandry methods to better support the birds health; thus reducing the need for clinical veterinary intervention.

As a part of its growth, St David’s have partnered with FarmWater to bring their leading solutions to the ruminant and poultry market, working closely with the team to underpin the scientific and clinical understanding of the importance of consistently clean water for the health, welfare and production of livestock across the UK and Ireland.

Applied Bacterial Control

Applied Bacterial Control Ltd (ABC Ltd) was founded by a collaboration of vets and gut health and water sanitation specialists working in the poultry, pig and ruminant sectors who have years of experience developing alternatives to antibiotics, with extensive practical experience working with clients tackling the challenges of controlling antibiotic use whilst maintaining animal health.

Since its inception, ABC Ltd have lead the way in researching and testing alternative approaches and work on advising their clients on total packages of products including acids, probiotics and gut health solutions as well as husbandry techniques which allow further antibiotic reduction.