About Us

FarmWater provides water sanitation solutions to the farming industry. It develops and supplies the technology, as well as offering a complete consultancy and support service. FarmWater is dedicated to exceptional levels of customer service and customer solutions.

Water is the driving force of nature and the essence of life. FarmWater is committed to developing healthier, safer, cleaner and smarter water treatment technology for the advancement of animal health. We’re driven to improve and protect the purity and efficacy of our planet’s single most precious resource for future generations through delivering the latest in water technology and solutions to our clients, putting them at the forefront of sustainable farming practices.

Brief History on FarmWater

FarmWater was born out of a need to provide efficient and cost effective water solutions to the farming industry. We are the only farm dedicated water solutions integrator in the UK market, and are committed to improving the water quality across the industry, supporting the health of our animals, as well as delivering cost efficiencies for the farmers we work with.

Working with ruminant and poultry farmers across the UK and Ireland, we pride ourselves on providing non-biased, researched led solutions to enable our clients to reach a higher water performance level.

FarmWater offers a complete water service to meet all the requirements of today’s modern farming practices and applications.

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